Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Sociology 510

Research Special Areas-Engaged Methodologies

The course will examine all aspects of how sociology is used and can be used in community-based research, social-change oriented work, and policy research. While we will discuss traditional perspectives on applied research, we also will study different research models that engage community members as participants in aspects of research—from defining research issues and designing methodologies to gathering data, analyzing data, writing reports, and disseminating results. We will cover topics such as: community-based participatory research, participatory action research, evidence-based research, translational research, and community-voice in research. We will also discuss the increased visibility of public sociology and implications for the growth of engaged research. Part of the course will build on the collaborative policy research models developed by the Loyola Center for Urban Research and Learning.

Spring 2017 Section:

001 Th LSC 4:15PM-6:45PM Garbarski