Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology

Public & Applied Sociology M.A.

Public and Applied Sociology: Requires 30 hours of course work (10 courses, 5 required and 5 elective) : History of Sociological Thought (405), The Logic of Sociological Inquiry (410), Qualitative Methods (412), Statistical Methods I (414), and Sociology Internship (494). The internship is a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and to make professional contacts that will facilitate their careers. Students in this track are also required to submit a portfolio (including the internship report).

Taking an internship course (Sociology 494) is an option available to all students in both masters and doctoral programs, but is required of those pursuing the M.A. in Applied Sociology. Internships in an organization or business require a minimum of 300 hours of work. (In some cases, the internship can be based on work in the student’s current job.) In considering whether a potential setting can be approved for an internship the department will examine:

1. The potential to work with a variety of research methods.

2. The relation of the setting to the student’s substantive area of study.

3. The opportunity to gain an understanding of how organizations function and how social researchers, policy makers, or administrators fit into the organizations.

4. The potential for the student’s work to make significant contributions to the organization and its improved understanding of a specific social problem.

Once the student is placed in a setting, the department works closely with the organization or business in supervising the student’s work, and a final report is submitted by the student to the Department and the sponsoring or employing organization. This paper will be part of the students’ portfolio to be considered when awarding the M.A., and maybe submitted for the doctoral review should the student wish to proceed into that program. You must notify the GPD of your intention to complete an internship three months prior to the expected starting date.