Loyola University Chicago

Department of Sociology


Thursday, February 19th!

Sociology students---these roundtables are for you! 

February 19th is  a time to talk about your papers or project ideas with a small group of other students and faculty, as well as a place to briefly present more finished papers.  You can talk about a paper or project that is still in the planning phase, and get some feedback and ideas.  If you are a junior, this is an ideal time to "talk through" a potential project that you will feature on an application for one of the many LUROP scholarships for your senior year.  (The deadline for most  LUROP applications is March 1).  http://www.luc.edu/lurop/about.shtml.  If you are a senior, this is a great place to talk about your capstone research paper or internship paper.  Whatever year you are, come and join us!  Any questions, contact Dr. Krogh or Erica Ramos.