Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

About Us

The University Staff Council is a body composed of staff employees of the Lakeshore Campus, Water Tower Campus and Health Sciences Campus elected by their staff colleagues to represent the concerns of and act as a voice for their constituents.

Statement of Intent

Staff are all those employees of LUC who, as members of the University community, serve the University through contributing to its success, to the growth and welfare of all its employees, and to the promotion of a positive and supportive work environment. Staff include all employees other than the following: faculty and student employees, officers of the institution (Band "E"), members of unions, and contract employees.

University Staff Council (USC) operates as a recognized part of the University governance system to provide a forum for open communication and ongoing dialogue among staff and between staff and administration. USC is an affinity group within the University; it is neither a deliberative nor a policy-making body. USC, through its chair, is invited by the University to offer nominations for staff appointments on administrative committees, and task forces.

University Staff Council welcomes feedback, concerns and questions from staff about topics such as benefits, staff events, staff development and recognition, or any other topic that is relevant to all university staff. USC will address concerns by providing information as appropriate, alerting appropriate departments of major concerns, acting as an advocate for staff and may create and/or endorse specific proposals. If you have a staff concern you would like to report to University Staff Council, please send an email to staffcouncil@luc.edu.