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Commitment to Excellence - Monthly Staff Award Nominations

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For information about eligibility, criteria for selection, and recognition, click here. If you have any questions, please contact the Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards Committee at USCRecognition@luc.edu.

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Referencing the criteria listed below, please explain why this nominee is deserving of a Commitment to Excellence award. Please select at least 2 of the criteria options, and use the text box to explain how your nominee exemplifies the selected criteria. Strong nominations will include specific examples, characteristics, or descriptions of the nominee.

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Has continuously demonstrated outstanding achievement, skills, and commitment to excellence in exceeding their job responsibilities
Fosters one or more of the five characteristics of a Jesuit education in support of the mission of the University. The five characteristics are described here.
Embodies the Jesuit mission of the University through exhibiting caring for the whole person, cura personalis, in their work
Has excelled in a noteworthy achievement
Has used personal initiative and creativity to solve work related problem
Consistently provides exemplary customer service to students, staff, and the campus community
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