Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

2014 Newly Elected Members

2014-2015 Newly Elected Members

Staff Council would like to thank everyone who participated and voted in the 2014-2015 Staff Council elections! If you would like to be involved with Staff Council, please email us at StaffCouncil-LS@luc.edu

2014-2015 Members

Staff Communication

Megan Canty, Assistant Director

Nicole Chmela, Program Director

Haydee Nauert, Administrative Director


LEEF Committee Member

Kate Peterson, Executive Secretary

Kristin Corrigan, Program Coordinator

Brendan Martin, Analyst

Lori Mojica, Executive Assistant


Social Events & Community Building

Emmanuelle Escander, Accounting Assistant

Kevin Bryant, Coordinator

Natalie Deliso, Principle Gift Coordinator

Bridget May, Special Events Coordinator


Staff Development

Greg Costanzo, Career Advisor

Sandra Cavalieri, Senior Manager

Janella Wade, Assistant Director


Staff Recognition

Nancy Goldberger, Project Director

Alyssa Travis, Systems Support Coordinator

Paige Gardner, Program Coordinator

Beth Lair, Assistant Director

Natasha Mmeje, Director of Health Promotion


Staff/Faculty Chaplain

Chris Murphy, Director, Chaplain


Congratulations and welcome to all our new members!