Loyola University Chicago

University Staff Council

2022 Staff Council Candidates

Health Sciences Campus


Statement of Purpose

Christopher Beger

Hi, I'm Christopher (he/him) and I am the Health Sciences Library's Customer Service and Administrative Support Specialist. I'm running for Staff Council because I believe that the success of the University is directly linked to the success of staff. I feel that one of the best ways to foster staff success is through communication, and the Staff Council is uniquely positioned to allow staff to advocate for our well-being in pursuance of the betterment of the University. As your representative, I will communicate your concerns and feedback in Council meetings


Water Tower Campus


Statement of Purpose

Lindsay Dunbar

I am interested in serving on staff council to represent the interests of all staff members, particularly those on the WTC who work with technology, learning management, and online courses. I would also provide a perspective for those who work with adult graduate students. I am particularly interested in representing my colleagues on staff council during this time of transition in the university. 

Bekah Smith

My name is Bekah Smith and I am a vibrant, creative and relational person that would love to serve on LUC’s staff council. I have been in Graduate Enrollment since November of 2021 and have been blessed with a welcoming department. I would cherish the opportunity to get to know members of staff council, share my gifts and work as a liaison for my coworkers. When I am not at work I am a warm weather lover, entry-level comedian and slackline enthusiast. Thank you so much for your consideration and Go Ramblers!

Tayler Tillman

I want to serve as a member of the University Staff Council because I want to be a voice for our constituents and assist with implementing initiatives that would benefit our staff. I enjoy knowing that on this council I have the opportunity to collaborate with our experienced and talented colleagues from different campuses that can shed light and give feedback on issues that they have noticed. I know that my devotion to DEI initiatives, relationship building, and my experience in implementing creative, original, and beneficial programs and events will aid the committee in finding ways to create a positive and supportive work environment for our staff.


Lake Shore Campus


Statement of Purpose

Mustafa Anwar

It is with great enthusiasm and honor that I cast my candidacy for Loyola’s esteemed Staff Council. Since joining the Loyola community in March of 2021, I believe that I have been both a positive and impactful addition to the teams that I have been blessed to work with. I believe I embody the value of cura personalis and have gone out of my way to make intentional connections with our students, campus partners, and community members to better understand their unique needs and cater my work to best support each stakeholder. With deep roots in higher education and the Chicago community, I believe that I have the necessary skills of campus networking, cultural engagement, and project management to be an immediate asset as both a voice and advocate for staff needs. Through diligence, determination, and a desire to continue the success I have experienced within our mission-driven institution, I graciously thank you all for your consideration and I look forward to the possibility of aiding Loyola’s Staff Council.  

Renee Archer

My interest in running for this council is purely for one thing: the people.  I am a very people-oriented person and strive to live my life by trying to make others’ lives better.  My job in financial aid allows me to inform families, and our eventual students, of every option that they have so that they can make the best choice for their families.  I also serve on the HOA board in my building as I adore my neighbors and want the cleanest and safest environment for them as well.  I am new to Loyola but plan on committing myself to do what is needed to enrich the lives of those around me.   

Oliver Batchelor

My desire to serve on the University Staff Council began when I first set foot on the Lakeshore Campus. As a brand new member of the ITRS team, I was not yet familiar with the LUC landscape (or USC), but immediately felt a strong connection to my fellow staff and their unwavering commitment to making Loyola a supportive place to learn and thrive. If elected to serve on University Staff Council, I will channel my passion for serving the community into serving as a voice for our staff.  Above all else, I love Loyola and will consistently strive to improve the staff experience using collaboration, inclusion, and clear communication as tools for success.  

Cori Coleman

I am running for University Staff Council to be more involved with planning on the university level, be an advocate for my co-workers and to continue to find ways to involve athletics in the pursuit of university goals.  In my year at Loyola, I have seen how willing everyone on campus is to work together for a common purpose and I believe that I can be an important piece in organizing and furthering these projects.  With my strong attention to detail, my outgoing personality, my background in higher education and my desire to see Loyola University Chicago succeed, I would make a great addition to the University Staff Council. 

Josh Jarvi

As an alumnus of the M.Ed in Higher Education program, I was thrilled to return to LUC and work professionally within First & Second Year Advising last year. After completing my first academic year here as a professional, I want to take a more active role within the Loyola community, and I believe University Staff Council (USC) is the perfect opportunity to do so. If given the chance to serve on USC, I will aim to advocate for change that results in a higher level of staff satisfaction while also educating staff on the opportunities and limitations to implementing organizational change. My strengths and skills that I will bring to USC include building professional relationships, strategic problem solving, efficient and effective communication, and upholding Loyola’s commitment to fostering an inclusive professional environment.  

Elizabeth Okrzesik

I am an excited new staff member at LUC looking forward to building intercampus relationships.  I recognize the value of working as a united institution to support our students to the best of our ability.  I hope to be a leader in connecting and strengthening staff to be successful in achieving what each office sets out to do and follow the Jesuit mission.   

Janie Ortiz

My name is Janie Ortiz, and I am the Project Coordinator for the MNSON Care Pathway Program. As a relatively new member of the Loyola University community, I am interested in staff council because I think that connecting with staff from other departments is a great way to foster innovation and share best practices. I bring a great mix of flexibility and organization skills. My position requires a high level of collaboration and it would be my pleasure to use these skills as staff council representative to better understand and participate in the larger Loyola staff community.

Danielle Pulliam

Since arriving at Loyola University Chicago I have had an excellent all-around experience. There is no doubt the University Staff Council has played an integral role in creating and enhancing the experience for staff at all LUC campuses. For this reason, I welcome the opportunity to serve on the University Staff Council (USC) and be a part of this group's collaborative work. My adaptable communication style and ability to create and maintain strong relationships will be an asset to the group and the broader university. As a member and advocate, I would prioritize both authentic conversations and action oriented application, in hopes to continue increasing the health, happiness, and success of each unique individual staff member at Loyola University Chicago.