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Joseph J. Gentile Arena Facility Policies

The Gentile Arena and Norville Center for Intercollegiate Athletics, in conjunction with the Student Complex of Loyola University Chicago has a very strict and all-inclusive set of policies that they expect all users of the space to adhere to. These policies, which include the general Fan Code of Conduct, can be found list below. A PDF version of these policies can also be found HERE

Accessible Parking
Available in the main parking structure on campus off of Kenmore Avenue

Accessible Seating
Located in the upper level unless accommodations are requested and other arrangements are feasible based on the event taking place

Gentile Arena- 6525 North Winthrop Ave. Chicago, IL 60626

All patrons entering Gentile Arena must have a valid ticket to gain admission. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please check with the Ticket Office prior to attending the event

Aisle Courtesy
For the safety and courtesy to all guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times. Please allow the directions of the ushers assigned to your section and refrain from sitting or standing in the aisles

Alcoholic Beverage Policy
Guests are not permitted to bring in any outside alcoholic beverages, nor are they permitted to leave the building with alcohol purchased inside Gentile Arena. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased inside the arena at most events. All alcohol purchases must be accompanied by a valid state issued driver’s license or ID, passport or Military ID. You must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol. Management and Campus Safety have the right to refuse service at any time. Alcohol sales can be terminated at any time at the discretion of Gentile Arena Management or Campus Safety

Animals on Campus
Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of service animals. Service animals are welcome inside the building but must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. Read more on Animals on Campus Policy

If you are in need of having an announcement made due to unforeseen circumstances, please find the nearest usher or Loyola representative to make an announcement

Assistive Listening Devices
Assisted Listening Devices are available upon request on a limited basis

Baby Changing Stations
The baby changing station is located in the family restroom located in the south lobby of the arena

Balloons are allowed into the arena concourse only unless given permission to carry them into the arena

Banners and Signs
Signs which are hand-held and no greater than 24" x 24" in size are allowed at most events. Signs may not be hung or fastened anywhere in the arena. Signs should not be obscene in nature or cause any disturbance with other fans or to the events/games. Gentile Arena reserves the right to not allow a sign to enter or remove any banner or sign without exception if it is offensive and not following the guidelines of the arena or the University

Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and similar devices are prohibited in the arena and will need to be left outside. Under no circumstances will they be allowed to be brought into the arena for storage

Building Services
The building staff is responsible for the setup of all facility spaces and equipment. Individuals, groups, or organizations may not setup rooms for their events, nor should rooms be rearranged by the users. This is a necessary rule to reduce the damage to furniture or injury to user

Camera Policy
No commercial photography of any kind is permitted. Cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited. Flash photography, video cameras or any other audio/visual equipment is prohibited unless authorized by team, promoter or artist management. Guests should check the events listing on the website to find out the policy prior to the event

Campus Posting

No postings should be posted on a painted, glass, wooden, or finished surface. Any posting that cannot be immediately and easily removed is  prohibited. Read more on Campus Posting Policy 1

Candles & Open Flames
The use of candles or open flames is prohibited. Violation will result in damage fees, suspension of reservation privileges, and/or cancellation of the event

Cell Phone/Computers
Cell phones, tablets and laptops are currently allowed in the arena as long as their use does not interfere with other guest’s enjoyment of the event or activity. No devices can be plugged into the buildings electrical outlets

Chalking on Campus
The use of chalk on walkways, patios, buildings, paths, etc. for promoting events, playing games, or for any use is prohibited. Learn more on Chalking Campus Policy

Child Admission Policy
Children 3 years of age and younger are admitted free, but are not allowed a seat. Youth ticket pricing is available for children ages 4-14

Code of Conduct
As posted throughout the arena. See Fan Code of Conduct

Common Areas
The main lobby is located on the south end of the arena. This also serves as the main entrance

Credit Card Policy
Gentile Arena honors Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Damage and Loss
All individuals are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the building and equipment. Accidental damage, repair and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of facilities and/or equipment are prohibited. Property (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be removed from the facility without approval

Decorations may not obstruct doors, hallways, staircases, and fire exits. The use of adhesive material (tape, tacks, nails, paint etc.) that may damage surfaces is prohibited. Glitter or glitter glue is also not permitted. All spaces must be returned to their original condition after the event

Please see Directions and Parking

Drop-Off/Delivery/Pick-up Areas
The Northeast entrance to the arena is the only drop-off pick-up area that will be available. Any drop-offs that will take an extended amount of time must receive prior approval

Use or possession of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and punishable by law

Located in the Northwest corner of the concourse

Emergencies and Evacuations
Gentile Arena is committed to providing the highest standard of safety. In case of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the staff and proceed to the nearest exit and out to street level in a calm and safe manner. Guests should use the stairs as a means of evacuation. Elevators and escalators may not be working at the time of an evacuation

Entrances are located at the South (main entrance), Northeast, and Northwest corners of the arena

Entry Inspections
Any bags, back packs, etc. are subject to inspection upon entry into the arena

Entry Times
Doors will open two hours prior to each event unless otherwise specified

Family Restrooms
Located on the East end of the South lobby closest to the Damen Student Center

Fire Alarms or Drills
Fire alarms and other emergency-related equipment are provided for the protection of the public and users of the facilities. Misuse of the equipment is strictly prohibited and punishable by Illinois law. All persons are required to evacuate the building when the alarm sounds

Gambling of any form is not permitted

Guest Services
The guest services stand will be located just inside the main entrance of the South Lobby and will be available to help answer any questions and provide information upon entry to the event

Hallways and Stairwells
In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items

Lost & Found
The lost and found is located at the campus safety office at ? Building staff will not be responsible for any articles lost in the building

Lost Children
Report a lost child to the nearest Loyola representative so that proper actions can be taken and an announcement can be made when appropriate

Loyola Merchandise can be purchased in the spirit shop located in the North lobby of the Damen Student Center

Noise Makers
Noise makers of any kind are strictly prohibited. Violators are subject to ejection from the event

Open Containers
Empty clear bottles or containers are the only open containers that will be permitted into the arena. Any liquid must be poured out prior to entrance into the arena

Outside Vending
Outside vendors are not permitted into the arena without prior consent by arena staff

Panhandling is not allowed. If you observe anyone panhandling, please contact the arena staff of Campus Security

Parking is available at a fee in the Loyola parking structure located off of the South entrance of campus off of Kenmore Avenue. Additional parking is also available at the Fordham garage the is located off of Sheridan Road behind the Grenada Center

Patron Appearance
Patrons entering the Arena must be properly attired with shoes and a shirt. The items must be worn at all times in the facility

Private Property Care

The university cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of monies, valuables, or personal property while the individual is in use of our facilities. The protection of personal property is the individual’s responsibility. Individuals are encouraged to obtain insurance on property and possessions brought into university facilities. Books, backpacks, and other personal items should not be left unattended in meeting rooms within the Student Complex facilities. Persons are encouraged to report any theft to Campus Safety as soon as possible. 


The throwing of projectiles of any kind is prohibited in the arena and subject to removal and prosecution

There is a strict no re-entry policy for all athletic events held at the Gentile Arena

Restrooms are located on the North side of the concourse in the arena as well as the South lobby near the main entrance


Suspicious activity, disruptive guests and guest related problems should be reported to a Guest Services Team Member or police officer immediately. Uncooperative guests showing disregard may be ejected from the facility. Intoxicated fans will not be allowed into the Stadium. An ejected guest is no longer welcome for the remainder of the game or event and must vacate Gentile Arena and the Loyola Campus. They may not re-enter the building, even with a valid admission ticket

Smoking Policy
Gentile Arena is a smoke free facility. Smoking is not allowed in the public areas of Gentile Arena by any Guest or employee. Guests wishing to smoke may do so in one of our designated smoking areas. Smoking areas vary by event. Please check with the Guest Service Station

Standing Room Only
Every ticket has a seat assignment. Please note that there are no standing room only tickets, and ushers will be clearing the top of each section and aisle. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the sightlines clear for attendees

Strollers will not be permitted into the arena at any time

Ticket Office
Ticket Offices are located at the South entrance (main office) and the Northeast entrance

Ticket Purchase
Event tickets can be purchased in person at the ticket office or ONLINE

Ticket Scalping
Selling of tickets on Loyola University of Chicago is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to prosecution

Water Fountains
Water filling stations are located on the concourse in the Northeast corner and Southeast corner

Gentile Arena does not supply or rent wheelchairs for use while attending an event. If you or someone you are traveling with has mobility challenges, a wheelchair or a mobility aid should be acquired before arrival

Will Call
Will Call is available at the South (main) ticket entrance only