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Sean Earl Field

Sean Earle

Sean Earl Field

Field Turf Championship Field features a mini soccer field, three lane track, as well as a mini flag football field. This is also an open green space, which can be used by the university community to engage in activities, including but not limited to wiffleball, soccer, kickball or ultimate frisbee.  When the space is not being reserved for a university function, it is open to the neighbors who own residence adjacent to the field.

One mile is 5-1/3 laps around the field.

Rules and Regulations for Sean Earl Field and Track

  • Reservations for exclusive use may be made on occasion. Reservations for the field and/or track are considered and approved by the Department of Student Complex.  To request exclusive use of the field email campusrec@luc.edu

  • Athletic footwear is recommended. Plastic/molded rubber cleats ARE allowed; metal cleats and/or spikes are NOT allowed

  • The following are not allowed on the Sean Earl Field and Track:

    1. Alcohol and other drugs

    2. Tobacco products

    3. Cans and glass bottles 

    4. Food and Gum

    5. Golf Practice

    6. Pets

    7. Weapons

    8. Smoke Bombs and Fireworks

    9. Bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards

    10. Tents, stakes, bleachers, tables/chairs

  • Track and Field Hours:  6AM* – 10PM

*Participants using the field at 6am must keep noise levels to a minimum.   Complaints from neighbors or university officials may restrict field usage in the early morning hours. Offenders will be asked to leave the area by Campus Safety.