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Thinking Theologically

All the degree programs offered by the Department of Theology, from undergraduate core classes to advanced Ph.D. seminars are designed to provide students with resources for the analysis of religion; for investigation of the sources, historical development and contemporary practices of particular religious traditions - principally the Roman Catholic tradition, although attention is given to other Christian traditions as well as Judaism, Islam and eastern religions; and for the critical appropriation of these traditions for one's personal faith and for sympathetic appreciation of the beliefs of others. 

The best of contemporary Roman Catholic thought embraces dialogue and engagement with multiple religious traditions. And, so, the Theology Department at Loyola University Chicago welcomes dialogue with the diverse Christian and non-Christian traditions.

Theological thinking seeks not only an understanding of the nature of religion. It also seeks an understanding of the relationship of the Christian tradition to a contemporary world where social, political, and economic structures are often unjust; where secular faiths arise and challenge the self-evidentness of the Christian faith; and where scientific and technological advances pose new problems for human self-understanding.