Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Both the Major in Theological Studies and the Major in Religious Studies allow students great flexibility in course selection across a range of disciplines. The Theology Department faculty holds a diverse range of specializations and perspectives and has understood the importance for the study of theology of systematic theological issues, biblical interpretation and criticism, ethical reflection, and conversation with other religious and philosophical traditions. Our department offers graduate study in constructive theology, New Testament and early Christian origins, and Christian ethics. Constructive theology often draws heavily from conversations occurring in the other fields even as they are enriched by each other and by constructive theology.

Religious Studies at Loyola is similarly interdisciplinary in character. Students have flexibility to explore a wide range of courses in Christian theology as well as the belief systems of a range of major world religions. Students are encouraged to engage social scientific perspectives on religious belief and practice both through courses inside the Theology department and by taking certain courses from the Sociology and Anthropology departments.

Loyola has a wide range of interdisciplinary programs to foster study in certain field areas at both the minor and major level. Students majoring or minoring in Theological Studies or majoring in Religious Studies should examine the many opportunities that exist for double majoring with one of these interdisciplinary programs or for complimenting your program of study by minoring in one of these interdisciplinary programs. Students interested in religious and theological perspectives on gender would do well to explore the opportunities offered by Women's Studies and Gender Studies. Students interested in creation-oriented theology, in religious views of nature, or in the need to promote policies of ecological sustainability would be well served to examine how the Environmental Studies/Sciences might serve you. Students interested in bringing an international and global perspective to your theological or religious studies interests should examine Loyola's Global and International Studies Program. Those interested in peace and justice issues might explore Loyola's Peace Studies Program and those interested by the history of Christian theology might consider Medieval Studies. Students with a particular interest in the peoples and religious experience of the Muslim World, Latin America, Asia and Asian-Americans, and Africa and African-Americans should investigate the excellent programs Loyola offers in Islamic World Studies, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, and in African Studies and the African Diaspora. Students who plan on studying medicine should consider the Bio-ethics Minor.

Interdisciplinary approaches inform both theological and religious studies and there are a number of fine programs at Loyola that can help you enrich your course of studies.