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  • Science, Society, and the Search for Life Elsewhere/The History of Volatiles and the Climate on Mars - Past, Present, and Future

    Prof. Bruce Jakosky, Principal Investigator of the Mars Atmospheric Volatile and Evolution (MAVEN) mission will give two presentations at Loyola on October 31, 2019. The first lecture will provide an update of the MAVEN project; the second lecture will explore the social significance of space exploration.
  • Controversial Conversations

    Prof. Miguel Diaz's John Courtney Murray Chair will host two upcoming controversial conversations - the first conversation will be on the Synod of the Bishops of Amazon; the second conversation will be co-sponsored by Prof. Hille Haker's McCormick Chair will respond to the Congregation for Catholic Education's document "Male and Female He Created Them."
  • Science and Religion: Prerequisites for an Integral Ecology

    Nancy Tuchman, Dean of the Institute for Environmental Sciences, and Michael Schuck, Professor of Theology, will speak at Dominican University's Siena Center on October 10, 2019 regarding their integral ecology textbook, Healing Earth. The lecture will explore the interdisciplinary relations between science, ethics, and spirituality in ecological science and will discuss the action necessary for the healing of our earth.
  • Dr. Hille Haker to give commendation at ceremony awarding Alfons Auer Award to former Irish President Mary McAleese.

    Prof. Hille Haker will deliver the commendation at the University of Tübingen's ceremony awarding the 2019 Alfons Auer Award to former Irish President Mary McAleese. The prestigious Award of the University of Tübingen is named after the late Rev Professor Alfons Auer, one of the most important moral theologians at and after the Vatican II Council (1962-1965). The celebration of the award will take place at the University of Tübingen on October 30, 2019.