Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Loyola Divisions and Schools

The University is unified by its single identifying mark—the Loyola lockup. Since each unit is part of the University, this treatment represents us all. It must appear on material representing Loyola, and the names of its units, and its affiliates may appear separately so readers, viewers, and users understand the content's source. Sometimes, when space is limited—especially in environmental graphics, apparel, merchandise, and some electronic channels—it is difficult to represent both the University and information about the sponsoring unit. In these circumstances, use one of these three treatments.

Please note that these are options of necessity. Most of the time, only the Loyola lockup will be used.

These are equivalent options where the orientation is likely the overriding factor in selecting one over the other.

This version may be useful in large-scale, crowded environments, like a banner that contains competing text and logos.