Loyola University Chicago

Women and Leadership Archives

Lecture Series

The WLA hosted a Lecture Series from 2010-2013 to provide faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students with a forum to highlight interdisciplinary scholarship on women and gender. Presentations took place once a month on weekday afternoons for an hour.

Fall 2013 Speakers:

Rachel Boyle, “Crime and Proper Womanhood in Chicago Woman’s Club”

Kristin Emery and Mary Ann Smith, "An Archive, an Alderman, and Activism: Perspectives on the Historic Lakewood-Balmoral Neighborhood”

2012-2013 Speakers:

Aaron M. Brunmeier, "Paradoxical Patriarchs: Reconstructing Masculinity in Revolutionary Virginia"

Anne Burkhardt, "Women of Faith in Revolt: Understanding Catholic Women Activists in Late 20th-Century Chicago"

Courtney Irby, "Patricia Crowley and the Negotiated Place of Families among Post-War Catholics"

Rachel Boyle, "She Shot Him Dead: Female Homicides in Chicago, 1870-1900"

Frankie (S. Frank), "The War on Women's Bodies in the Media"

J. Curtis Main & Symone L. Simmons "Bathrooms, Beds, and Balls: Forced Sex Segregation in Higher Education"

2011-2012 Speakers:

Robin Bartram, "The Skyscraper as Both a Gendered and Engendering Space"

Anna Flaming, "'The Most Important Person in the World:' Feminism and Housewifery in the Campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, 1970-1982"

J. Curtis Main, "(Women's) Archival Spaces and Trans Voices? A (Re)Search and Proposal"

Kathryn Berg, "Origins of Latina Reproductive Justice: Puerto Rican and Chicana Feminism in the '60s and '70s"

Karen Johnson, "Women in Chicago's Civil Rights Movement: Doing Catholic Interracialism"

Amelia Serafine, "He Filled My Heart with Doubt: The Southern Belle's Love and Duty in the Civil War"

Matthew Sawicki, "Ladies Don't Argue with a Burglar: Gender, Race, and Class in Firearms Advertisements, 1880-1919"

2010-2011 Speakers:

Megan Stout Sibbel, "Sisters in the South: Roman Catholic Nuns in African American Communities, 1935-1970"

Amanda Furiasse, "Who Said Mary has to be a Virgin? The Social Construction of Mary's Virginity"

Christopher Ramsey, "From Rolling Pins to Podiums: The Changing Role of Women in Neighborhood Resistance: Chicago, 1953-1983"

Mia Gutsell, "Marie Curie: Woman, Scientist, Subtle Feminist"

Cynthia Wallace, "Choosing Something New: A Contemporary Literary Ethics of Women's Suffering and Self-Sacrifice"

Stella Ress, "Gold Diggers and Sugar Daddies: Intergenerational Romance and the Challenge to Age/Gender Norms, 1900-1930"