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Mundelein College Buildings

Mundelein College building

Aerial View of Mundelein College, circa 1930. Mundelein College Photograph Collection.

After opening in 1930 with its new Art Deco skyscraper, Mundelein College quickly expanded by purchasing surrounding buildings and constructing their own. These buildings, whether still standing or since gone, helped shape Loyola's campus today. Click on the name of a building or space to read about its history and see historic photographs.

The Skyscraper/ Mundelein Center of the Performing Arts

Piper Hall

Mundelein building

Coffey Hall

Sullivan Center Sheridan Road

Learning Resource Center/ Sullivan Center 

Mundelein College building

Green House

Mundelein College building

Philomena Hall

Mundelein College building

Northland Hall

Burrowes Mundelein

Yellow House/ Burrowes Hall

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