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Votes for Women women's suffrage 2020
The WLA is dedicating 19 days to commemorating the 100th anniversary of the enactment of the 19th Amendment. Join us in remembering those who fought for women’s suffrage and the continuing journey towards a more equitable society. August 26-October 29, 2020, follow us on Facebook as we highlight the following events & resources. Scroll down past the 19 days for even more articles & activities.

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Glos Polek Suffrage Articles
Thanks to the generosity of the Polish Women's Alliance of America (PWAA), the WLA is pleased to share English translations of select Glos Polek articles from 1913-1920 discussing suffrage and women's role in society. Glos Polek (The Polish Women's Voice) is a publication from the PWAA. Follow the link above to read the translations and view the original issues of Glos Polek.