Loyola University Chicago

Writing Program


Students are required to take the Writing Placement Assessment if they earned a:

  • 22 or lower on the ACT English section 

  • 19 or lower on the ACT reading section


  • 540 or lower on SAT reading and writing section


If you have been selected for the Writing Placement Assessment, you must take the test unless you:

  • Received a 4 or 5 on the English Language and Composition Advanced Placement exam (for more information on AP courses credit see the AP Score credit guide); 


  • Earned transferrable credits (incoming first year students must have earned a B or higher in a course or courses that are equivalent to Loyola’s UCWR 110 course). Typically this means having taken both Composition I and Composition II. Composition I can sometimes work in place of the Writing Placement Assessment. Your academic advisor will let you know what your transfer courses will articulate to Loyola during your New Student Orientation. If you don’t know your course articulation before orientation, please take the Writing Placement Assessment by the deadline as it may affect your ability to register for needed courses.