Loyola University Chicago

Writing Program


  • Tools Required: A computer
  • Cost: Free
  • Deadline: At least one week prior to attending Orientation
  • Test Length: Two hours
  • Login Attempts Permitted: One
  • Number of Written Responses: One
  • Response Length: 500-1200 words 

Assessment Structure: The assessment consists of two essays, one of which you will use to write a 250- to 500-word response. You can respond regarding whether you agree or disagree with the author’s thesis or claim, or you can respond with an alternate position on the issue the author discusses.

Your response should be a well-organized essay including: 

  • A brief introduction that summarizes the main ideas of the article;
  • Specific thesis statement that presents your position on the ideas in the article;
  • Several supporting paragraphs; and
  • A brief conclusion.

In your support, include two or three relevant examples from personal experience and observation. You might use knowledge of current events, knowledge from previous courses, or knowledge of relevant books or films to support your thesis. Do not research this topic on the Web or in a library.

Accommodations: To request accommodations for a documented disability, please call: 773.508.3700. For more information and guidelines for verifying disabilities, please visit the Student Accessibility Center website.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.