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Women's Studies and Gender Studies

What can I do with WSGS degree?

What can I do with a degree in Women Studies and Gender Studies?

The truth is, graduates with undergraduate or graduate degrees (or minors) in Women's Studies and Gender Studies can go into a wide range of fields and positions after graduation. The purpose of our program is to support students in recognizing and identifying power imbalances in everyday life, so you feel more empowered to find, create, and collaborate on solutions towards social justice. 

Nearly every professional path you pursue can be enhanced by a WSGS education. Rather than teaching you what to think, WSGS courses teach you how to think more about social equity and justice, no matter your career.

So…What can I “be?”
Graduates may consider entering many fields of work, including:

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Human services

  • International affairs and relations 

  • Literature

  • Media (reporters/journalists, writers, communication specialists, researchers, editors, etc.)

  • Marketing, communication, and advertising 

  • Non-profit (community organizers, advocates, case managers, counselors, program coordinators, etc.)

  • Public policy or administration

  • Public service

  • Social work

Review our Alumni Profiles page here to see what people are doing after attaining a minor, major, or masters in WSGS!

Our Advice 

The dreaded question for every student is the impeding, what are you gonna do after graduating? In particular, this question may become more daunting when you have to explain what a Women’s Studies & Gender Studies degree is. While the field of WSGS is expansive and in its interdisciplinary nature is applicable to all studies, it is crucial for students to begin thinking about where they want to apply this knowledge.

We’ve curated the WSGS major/minor to be accessible and complimentary to a variety of studies, including Art, English, History, Psychology, Social Work, Political Science, and more. Thus, you will leave this program equipped with expertise in understanding the various forms of oppression and prepared to apply this knowledge to advance social justice in your chosen field.

Is anyone available to talk to me about this further?
Yes! We can connect you with Women Studies and Gender Studies faculty, current students, or even alumni who are working locally, nationally, and globally in various fields. E-mail us at wsgsprogram@LUC.edu or ehemenway@luc.edu for direct contact with our undergraduate director.