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Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Our Affiliate Faculty

NameTitle & Research Interests
Suzanne Bost Professor of English
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Research Interests: American literature; Latina/o studies; feminist theory; cultural studies
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Savina Balasubramanian Professor of Sociology
PhD, Northwestern University
Research Interests: Gender, Sexuality, & Reproduction; Science, Technology, Health & Medicine; Political & Historical Sociology; Global & Transnational Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Law & Society; Sociology of Social Knowledge; Asia & Asian America
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Susana Cavallo Department Chair, Modern Languages and Literature
Professor, Spanish Language and Literature
PhD, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: 20th Century Peninsular Poetry, 20th Century Hispanic Prose, Latin American Poetry, Hispanic Women's Writing, Feminist Theory and Criticism, Translation
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Michael Dentato Associate Professor of Social Work
PhD, Loyola University Chicago
Research Interests: health and health disparities among sexual minority populations, impact of macro practice, interprofessional education, effective non-profit leadership and service provision for vulnerable communities
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Anne Figert Associate Professor of Sociology
PhD, Indiana University
Research Interests: health, medicine, sociology of science, and gender
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Timothy J. Gilfoyle Professor of History
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: American urban and social history
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Anne Grauer Professor of Anthropology
PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Research Interests: human populations in medieval England, human populations derived from 19th centuries cemeteries in the US
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Susan Grossman
Associate Dean of the Graduate School/Professor of Social Work
PhD, University of Chicago
Marcia Hermansen Professor and Director of Islamic World Studies Program
PhD, University of Chicago
Research Interests: Islamic studies, theory and method in the study of religion, comparative religion, South Asian and Middle East studies, mysticism, women and gender, religion in America, critical theory, youth cultures, Islamic theology, interfaith dialogue
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Suzanne Kaufmann Associate Professor of History
PhD, Rutgers University
Research Interests: modern European social and cultural history, modern France, history of religion and popular culture, gender/women's history
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Jacqueline Long Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: Late Antique history & literature; Roman history & literature; women and gender in the Classical world
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Harveen Mann Associate Professor of English
PhD, Purdue University
Research Interests: postcolonial studies; South Asian studies; third world feminism
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Michelle Nickerson Associate Professor of History
PhD, Yale University
Research Interests: U.S. Women’s and Gender History, 20th Century Political and Urban History, American Conservatism
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Tracy Pintchman Professor of Theology; Director, International Studies Program
PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Interests: Hinduism, goddess traditions, Hindu women's rituals
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Abha Rai Professor of Social Work
PhD, University of Georgia
Research Interests: Gender-based violence (dating, domestic and intimate partner violence, intimate partner stalking) in diverse populations, immigration issues/stress, culturally responsive research, international/global social work, survey development and instrument design
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Shweta Singh Associate Professor of Social Work
PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Research Interests: South East Asian women and the effect of experiences with racism, schooling and girls identity formation, constructing measures of women’s status, culture, policy, and law for women, use of social communication as a social work intervention strategy
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Loretta Stalans Professor of Criminal Justice
PhD, University of Illinois Chicago
Research Interests: domestic violence, sexual violence, criminal justice research methods, program evaluation, statistics, criminal laws and courts, restorative and retributive justice, and communication and conflict resolution
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Aana Vigen Associate Professor of Ethics
PhD, Union Theological Seminary
Research Interests: quality of, and access to, healthcare along with racial-ethnic and socio-economic disparities in healthcare
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Paula Wisotzki Associate Professor of Fine Arts
PhD, Northwestern University
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Professor Emerita

Marilyn Dunn 
Associate Professor of Fine Arts & Art History
PhD, University of Chicago
Research Interests: Italian Renaissance, Baroque, issues of gender and art
Susan Hirsch Professor of History
PhD, University of Michigan
Research Interests: American Labor, Urban and Gender History
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Suzanne Gossett Professor of English
PhD, Princeton University
Marta Lundy  Professor of Social Work
Research Interests: women in families and family violence, domestic violence, adult survivors of childhood abuse and non-offending parents in childhood sexual
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Kathleen Maas Weigert Professor of Sociology
PhD, University of Notre Dame
Research Interests: Education for justice and peace; nonviolence; homelessness; the Catholic social tradition
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Susan Mezey Professor of Political Science
PhD, Syracuse University
Research Interests: Constitutional law, judicial process, judicial-legislative relations, administrative law, women and law and children's rights
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Prue Moylan Professor of History
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: Modern British History
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Bren Ortega Murphy  Former Internship Coordinator, WSGS
Professor, School of Communication and WSGS
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Susan Ross Professor of Theology
PhD, University of Chicago
Research Interests: feminist theology and ethics; theological anthropology
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Jasmine Tata Professor of Business
PhD, Syracuse Univeristy
Research Interests: Organizational justice, Team Dynamics, Gender and Diversity, International aspects of organizations
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Judith Wittner Professor of Sociology
PhD, Northwestern University
Research Interests: Families, Gender, Qualitative Methods, Popular Culture, Social Theory
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Talmadge Wright Professor of Sociology
PhD, University of California, Irvine
Research Interests: Homelessness, Social Inequality, Critical Social, Cultural Theory, Social-Physical Space, Gender, Mass Media and Popular Culture
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Julie K. Ward  Professor of Philosophy
PhD, University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: ancient philosophy, especially Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic philosophy, feminism
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