Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Our Alumni



Keisa Reynolds

Learn how Keisa's experiences in the WSGS MA program helped clarify their personal and professional goals.

Hannah Gallee

Learn about Hannah's experience as a dual degree (MA/MSW) student.

Tori Olson 

Learn how the WSGS MA program sparked Tori's passion for feminist research and pursuit of a Sociology PhD.

Nicole Morino

Learn about Nicole utilizing her WSGS knowledge as a college admissions counselor.


Tess Spooner

Learn about Tess' experience in the WSGS program.


Reagan Bishop

Learn about how Reagan utilizes an intersectional approach in the health care field.


Lina Flores Wolf

Learn about Lina utilizing her WSGS knowledge to think about affecting positive social change.

Inaara Ali

Learn about Inaara's best WSGS experiences.

Kira Hutson

Learn about how the Loyola community helped Kira become a WSGS major.


Jake Giles

Learn how Jake's time in the Women's and Gender Studies BA program led him to become the Senior Project Manager of Technology at the Trevor Project.

Vanessa Cascio 

Learn how Vanessa's pursuit of a WSGS education led her to a Director of Family & Youth Initiatives position at a grassroots, non-profit organization.


Olivia Sulita 

Learn about Olivia's journey in the WSGS program and its impact in her career as a Senior Admissions Manager. 

WSGS Minor

Francesca Spizzo

 Learn about how Francesca views feminism as an ongoing and continuously adapting ideology


Molly Cornell

Learn about how Molly applies intersectional ways of thinking in practicing theatre and scenic design.


Nikki Malazarte 

 Learn how Nikki's WSGS minor inspired her to strive for a more focused approach on Queer Filipino/a/x identities in Social Work. 


Kelsey Wendland

 Learn how Kelsey's experience within the WSGS program allowed her to gain the skills necessary to work with her therapy clients using an intersectional, feminist framework.