Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Faculty Mentoring Programs

Women and Underrepresented Minority Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

Research has shown that mentoring can play an effective role in the retention of underrepresented minority and women faculty, but they are much less likely than their than their male counterparts to have a mentor. To address this concern, the Office of the Provost hosts a two mentoring programs for underrepresented minority and women junior faculty. These programs are intended to provide: “less-experienced individuals with support, counsel, friendship and constructive example in order for them to succeed in their careers.”  These programs are accessible to full time tenure track and full time non-tenure track faculty. For faculty who would like to be Mentees, click here. For faculty who would like to be mentors, click here. Contact Quortne R. Hutchings at qhutchings@luc.edu.