Intra-University Visiting Fellowships

The Faculty Development Review Committee will be using Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure to review the applications for the Intra-University Visiting Fellowships.

Faculty interested in applying for a fellowship should notify their School/College.

Intra-University Visiting Fellowships offer faculty the opportunity to spend a semester immersed in an LUC department or school outside of their own.  This immersion allows awardees to develop a deeper understanding of related fields that offer collaborative opportunities for research, teaching and other scholarly activities.  Awardees will serve as an ambassador to the host department and foster a deeper connection between the awardee’s home and host departments.  The ultimate goal is to develop a more enmeshed research network across all academic units within Loyola. 

The Fellowship includes a release from all teaching responsibilities, as well as service for the home department unit, but not University service.  Receiving this fellowship does not impact a faculty member’s eligibility for a standard sabbatical. 

The Intra-University Visiting Fellowship will give faculty the opportunity to:

  • Learn from and with expert colleagues in other fields who can help to address complex, multifaceted problems that require interdisciplinary approaches
  • Learn from and with experts in other fields who can help to develop curriculum and pedagogical approaches from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Learn how to engage in interdisciplinary research and teaching

Prior to applying for the fellowship, the applicant should establish a connection with a faculty member (or members) in the host department/school to develop goals for the program.  The host faculty is/are expected to assist in development of the application.


The Faculty Development Review Committee (FDRC) reviews Intra-University Visiting Fellowship applications and makes recommendations to the Provost regarding their funding as resources are available. The FDRC is an elected committee within the University Shared Governance system.

  • Proposals are not currently being accepted for AY 2024-2025.

Questions about applications for fellowships should be directed to the department chair. Additional help is available from The Office of Faculty Affairs.

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