Faculty Development Review Committee


The Faculty Development Review Committee (FDRC) reviews and makes recommendations to the Senior Academic Officers on individual faculty proposals for institutionally funded professional development projects, and for the Summer Research Stipend Program.

The Faculty Development Review Committee is composed of tenured and tenure-track faculty elected from and by the tenured and tenure-track faculty of the University’s various schools and colleges, namely:

  • The faculty of the School of Business
  • The faculty of the School of Communication
  • The faculty of the School of Education
  • The faculty of the School of Law
  • The faculty of the School of Nursing
  • The faculty of the School of Social Work and the Institute of Pastoral Studies
  • The basic science faculty of the Stritch School of Medicine
  • The humanities and arts faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • The social and behavioral sciences faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • The natural sciences and mathematics faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences


For the purposes of voting on the membership of these committees, every tenure and tenure-track member of the University faculty not in one of the groups listed above but who is otherwise eligible to vote for members of a given committee shall be assigned to an appropriate grouping. Terms of elected membership shall be three years, with approximately two-thirds of the members continuing each year and one-third completing their terms. Terms of at-large members (if any) shall be for one year. Elections will be conducted at the beginning of the Academic Year by the Provost and the Vice President of Health Sciences. The election process and the results are subject to audit and review by the Faculty Affairs UPC at its discretion.
In order to assure the diversity gender equity of the committees the Provost and the Vice President of Health Sciences may jointly appoint up to two additional qualified faculty members as voting members at- large to each of these committees.


  1. The initial meeting of each committee for the year will be convened jointly by the Provost and the Vice President for Health Sciences at the beginning of the academic year. At that meeting questions of procedures and processes shall be reviewed. At or before that meeting the Provost and the Vice President for Health Sciences will announce their appointment of one of the elected members of each committee to serve as the chair of that committee for the year. Although serving as Chair, this person shall continue to have full rights of voice and vote in all committee deliberations. All deliberations of these committees shall be confidential.
  2. All voting members of a committee who are present when a vote is taken must vote positive or negatively on the matter at hand, abstentions shall not be permitted. Members from the departmental affinity group of a person whose case is being considered may neither discuss nor vote on that case. (Their vote, if any, shall have been made at the first review level at which they had the right to participate, typically that is at the departmental or affinity group level.) Members who are recused from the committee's deliberations for any reason are not replaced. This may happen if the member is a candidate for something the committee is considering, e.g. the member has applied for a paid leave and the FDR Committee is considering those applications.
  3. In making their recommendations on specific cases the committees will report the vote of the members and will provide a brief summary of the reasons or considerations that were deemed decisive. Staff support for the FDRC shall be provided by the Office of Faculty Administration.
Membership Roster
Jonathan Singer School of Social Work Class of AY 2024-2025
Mine Cinar (Chair) Quinlan School of Business Class of AY 2023-2024
Elizabeth Burkhart Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Class of AY 2023-2024
Chris Yim School of Communication Class of AY 2025-2026
Michelle Nickerson CAS - Arts & Humanities Class of AY 2024-2025

Joseph Milanovich

CAS - Natural Sciences Class of AY 2024-2025
Victor Ottati CAS - Social & Behavioral Sciences Class of AY 2025-2026
Mohammad Samie Tootooni Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health Class of AY 2025-2026
Eunju Yoon School of Education Class of AY 2025-2026
Reuben Keller School of Environmental Sustainability

Class of AY 2023-2024

Joanthan Kirk Stritch School of Medicine - Basic

Class of AY 2025-2026