The Faculty Development Review Committee will be using Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure to review the applications for the Summer Research Stipend.

One of Loyola University Chicago's internal faculty development award programs is the Summer Research Stipend Program. Each year, tenured and tenure-track faculty are invited to submit a proposed research plan for the following summer. These proposals are competitively reviewed by the Faculty Development Review Committee (FDRC), an elected committee in our faculty governance system. This summer stipend is awarded to the most outstanding research projects.

School of Law Faculty: Please submit your applications for Summer Stipends directly to the School of Law.

Conditions for accepting a summer stipend award:

  1. Faculty receiving a summer stipend may teach no more than one course during the summer school terms of that year.
  2. Faculty who have received summer stipends for two consecutive summers are not eligible for an award the following summer.
  3. Full-time and part-time administrators and endowed professors are not eligible for summer stipends.
  4. A faculty member receiving a summer research stipend from the university is expected to complete two semesters of service to Loyola following completion of the summer research grant.
  5. The recipient must submit a one-page report to the Office of Faculty Administration by December 15 of the year in which the stipend is received.


June 1: Deadline for College/School Deans to send list of faculty applicants to Faculty Affairs for cases to be opened in InterfolioRPT
Second Friday in September: Deans' letters due to the FDRC 
Please consult with your Academic Unit regarding internal College/School deadlines.