Loyola University Chicago

Campus Reservations

Cudahy Science Building

Building Address: 6460 N. Kenmore

NOTE: For more information, please visit 25Live and use the Locations tab to search for a space. The Details sub-tab of the Locations tab has extensive, up-to-date information about spaces in 25Live (visual instructions here). 

CS 202 100 * Click Here
CS 206 30 * Click Here
CS 207 100 * Click Here
CS 301 27 * Click Here
CS 313 54 * Click Here

*Standard Eroom AV Capabilities include a PC, Laptop Connection, DVD, Auxiliary, Sound Reinforcement, and use Projected Image.

Campus Reservations cannot confirm requests for academic spaces until the third week of the semester. If you would like to request one of these spaces before that time, you will be placed on our Academic Waiting List to be processed during or slightly after the third week of the semester.