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Alcohol Policy

Serving alcohol at campus events is both a long standing tradition and an ongoing privilege. A recent review of the alcohol serving policies and practices on campus has led to recommended adjustments in our policy. These changes are intended to ensure compliance with liquor control laws in Illinois. The following policy has been updated to meet the University AOD policy and to comply with Illinois State laws.


Well-planned and managed events can decrease the risk of alcohol-related incidents. While referring to requirements of existing University policies, this guideline is intended as a tool to be used in the course of planning for events with alcohol.

Event Participants

All participants are expected to comply with University policies, rules and regulations and have an awareness of his/her own personal safety while attending any campus event. All participants are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences. The University shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant's failure to comply with applicable laws and University policies, rules and regulations.

Serving Considerations

  • Alcohol should not be part of the event if it cannot be properly managed.
  • Distribution of alcohol is only permitted through a third party vendor with a valid liquor license and TIPPS/BASSET certification. Servers must not serve alcohol to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. Servers must not consume alcohol.
  • Self-serving of alcohol is not permitted.
    • Alcohol service should end prior to the event end time. Alcohol should not be service at least 45 minutes prior to the event end time.
    • Alcohol cannot be given as a prize.
    • No kegs or other common source alcohol containers are permitted to any University event.
      • Ensure attendees do not remove opened alcohol from the event.
  • Serving alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age is in violation of University AOD policy and Illinois State laws.
  • No visibly intoxicated person may be served alcohol.
  • Ample quantities of food and nonalcoholic beverages must be continuously provided and visibly displayed during the event. The amount of non-alcoholic beverages ordered must be equal or greater to the amount of alcohol being served.
  • All beverages (alcoholic) are restricted to the designated event locations.  Beverages may not be brought into an event and all beverages must be emptied prior to exiting an event.
  • Campus Safety and/or University Officials reserve the right to cancel any event that may violate University policy or that is deemed unsafe or hazardous including events serving alcohol.


If Alcohol will be present during your event, please indicate in the Event Description and Setup field of your space reservation in 25Live how alcohol will be served and who will serve it.

*Student Organizations must receive approval from S.A.G.A.