Loyola University Chicago

Children's Memory and Learning

TRAEL: Tinkering and Reflection


Our Tinkering, Reflection and Engineering Learning project (TRAEL) focuses on ways of engaging children and their families in engineering-rich tinkering and reflection in a museum exhibit at Chicago Children’s Museum. The work is aimed at identifying exhibit design features and facilitation strategies that promote families conversations about engineering (e.g., testing, redesigning). We are especially interested in conversations in which children and their families reflect on their experiences during and after tinkering. We are learning how the design of activities and family conversations are important in advancing STEM learning opportunities for children and families.

Two videos we have created illustrate some of what we are learning from this project:

Tinkering and Reflection at Chicago Children's Museum https://stemforall2020.videohall.com/presentations/1686

Tinkering Reflection and Engineering Learning https://stemforall2019.videohall.com/presentations/1484


Please also see our TRAEL project page on Informal Science.