About Us

Dr. Haden and her team are broadly interested in questions about the ways children learn from and remember their experiences. A particular focus is on the important role that parents can play in children's cognitive development. Some of our work involves longitudinal research designs in which the same families are tracked over time to study children's developing skills for remembering. Other work involves observations of family interactions in museum contexts and the impact hands-on activities and parent-child conversations can have on children's learning of about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We aim for our research to have real-world applications. For example, the research in museums is yielding very useful information and resources that educators, museum practitioners, and parents can use to advance science and engineering learning opportunities for children.

For information about our latest project at the Chicago Children's Museum, please see the article published on the website or the information on our lab website.

Our lab provides research opportunities for students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. We invite you to read about our ongoing projects. You can also view a list of publications. For additional information about our research activities, please contact Dr. Haden.

For additional information about our PhD program in Developmental Psychology, please visit: