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SRCD Social Policy Report: "Leveraging Research on Informal Learning to Inform Policy on Promoting Early STEM"

StoryHub Blog: "Making museum memories"

SRCD Monograph Matters: "Developmental Science Research with Children’s Museums, Not Just at Them"


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Dr. Maria Marcus presented her poster, "Marcus, M.,Tõugu, P., Haden, C.A., & Uttal, D. H. (October, 2017). Using photo-narrative reflections to foster children’s learning and remembering" at the Cognitive Development Society Meeting, Portland, OR. Marcus,2017 CDS Poster

Graduate student Lauren Pagano presented her poster, "Pagano, L.C., Nesi, D., Johnson, D. A., Acosta, D.A., Haden, C. A., Uttal, D. H., & Gamez, P. B. (2017, April). Tinkering and Telling:Reminiscing about STEM Learning Experiences in a Children’s Museum" at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX. Pagano,2017 SRCD Poster

Graduate student Diana Acosta presented her poster, "Acosta, D. I., Marcus, M., Pagano, L. C., Sadoun, M., Crowe, A. N., Haden, C. A., & Uttal, D. H. (October, 2017). Children’s narrative reflections reveal engineering learning during tinkering activities in a children’s museum" at the Cognitive Development Society Meeting, in Portland, OR. Acosta,2017 CDS Poster


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Copies of articles are available on request and are listed on Dr. Haden's research profiles listed above.