I'm Here For You Training

Training for Loyola Staff and Faculty


‌I'm Here For You is a 90-minute workshop aimed at providing participants with:

  1. The skills necessary to have helpful conversations with students who have experienced dating violence, sexual misconduct, and stalking.
  2. The knowledge of an employee's duty to notify the University of Title IX incidents under Federal Law (Title IX & the Clery Act)
  3. Awareness of on- and off-campus resources and reporting options.

If you are interested in scheduling a training for your department, please contact the Senior Health Educator and Advocacy Coordinator, rberman1@luc.edu

Spring 2019 Trainings:

 (LSC) October 17 at 9:30-11 AM

 (WTC) September 24 at 9:30- 11 AM

 (HSC) November 14 at 1:30- 3 PM

Please click this link to register for a training.

I'm Here For You Newsletters: This semesterly newsletter highlights happenings on campus related to gender-based violence, updated information regarding applicable laws, and links to articles of interest. 

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IHFY Spring 2019



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