Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning

Friday Morning Seminars - Spring 2010

 SPRING 2010 

 Jan 22  No seminar    
 Jan 29 Research, Policy, and Grantmaking: Hearing from a Funder. Jim Lewis, Senior Program Officer, The Chicago Community Trust.
 Feb 5 Learning Space, Knowing Place: Understanding Geographic Knowledge within Metropolitan Areas. Jon Norman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago.
 Feb 12 Youth Participatory Action Research and the Sociological Imagination:  The Challenges and Rewards of Collaborative Research with Evanston High School Students. Reuben Miller, graduate student in Sociology and University: Community Research Coordinator at CURL, and Joel Ritsema, graduate student in Sociology, Loyola University Chicago.
 Feb 19 The Muslim Community of Roger’s Park/West Ridge. Marcia Hermansen, Director, Islamic World Studies Program and Professor of Theology, Loyola University Chicago; and Dana Elborno, undergraduate student, Loyola University Chicago.
 Feb 26 How Communities Will Tell Their Stories in the Shifting Media Landscape.  Thom Clark, President, Community Media Workshop.
 March 5
 New Evidence Regarding the Role of Socioeconomic Status in Racial Residential Segregation: Findings Based on New Approaches to Conceiving and Investigating Segregation. 
Mark Fossett, Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M University. 
 March 12 No Seminar – Spring Break  
  March 19 The Federal Stimulus Package and the Impact on Homelessness Services in Chicago. 

Elizabeth Benito, Project Administrator, 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, Department of Family and Support Services, City of Chicago.

Please Note : RSVP is required to attend this seminar. RSVP to Gina Lopez. This event will be held at Erie Neighborhood House, Templeton Hall, 1347 W. Erie St, Chicago, IL

 March 26 Public Action for Change Today: Uniting Young Adults for Democratic Action and Social Change.  Amy Totsch, Organizer, PACT – Public Action for Change Today.    
 April 2 No Seminar – Good Friday  
April 9

Seminar cancelled

 April 16 Social Class and Cultural Meanings of Eating: Evidence from Chicago.  Kelly Moore, Associate Professor, and Catherine Gillis, PhD student and Research Assistant, Department of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago.  
April 23 Disseminating Harm Reduction through Research and Practice: Challenging Widely Held Perceptions of Drug Use and Users through University-Community Collaboration. Dennis Watson, University: Community Research Coordinator at CURL and PhD student in Sociology, Loyola University Chicago, and Valery Shuman, Heartland Alliance.
April 30  Chicago: A City of Readers.  Rev. Marrice Coverson, Executive Director, Open Book Program and President, Institute for Positive Living.