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Past Scholar

Vivi Chen

Title/s:  CURL Visiting Scholar

Email: wchen3@luc.edu


Ph.D., Sociology, Central China Normal University, 2008

M.A., Sociology, Central China Normal University, 2005

B.A., Sociology, Central China Normal University, 2002

Research Interests

Dr. Chen’s research has been focusing on the impact of city transformation on city images, urban residents and immigrants. The spatial structure of urban city, the power structure of community, and juvenile delinquency in the city are specific to her interests.  Most of Dr. Chen’s research and writings are published in the books and journals relating to urban problem, urban crime, and theoretic sociology. Dr. Chen is also quite actively involved in community based research with community power structure and community development.

Dr. Chen is the director of teaching and research section at the Institute of Sociology of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. She is also the current director of Hubei Sociology Association of China.

Past & Recent Projects

09/2009 to the Present, “Formation Mechanism of Urban Community’s Power Structure: A Research from the Spatial Perspective”

01/2009 to the Present, “Research on the Relation between Urban Immigrant Juvenile Crime and Urban City”

09/2010 to 05/2011, “Spatial Strategy of the Micro-Governance of City”

10/2003 to 02/2005, “Chinese Urbane Community Welfare”

Selected Publications


Jin, Xiaohong & Chen, Wei. 2011. ”Delinquency of Migrants: The Influence of Survival Risk and Environmental Risk.” Urban Problem. November, 2011.

Jin, Xiaohong & Chen, Wei. 2011. ”A Survey on the Urban Immigrant Juvenile Delinquents from the Perspective of Deviance.” Issues on Juvenile Crimes and Delinquency. March, 2011.

Chen, Wei. 2009. ”Realization Path to the Informationization of Community Service: Taking 96596 Supermarket as an Example.” Study and Practice. September, 2009.

Chen, Wei. 2008. “Review and Prospect of the Research on the Urbane Community Power Structure.” LAN Zhou Academic Journal(CSSCI). August, 2008.

Chen, Wei. 2008. “Introduction to the Research on the Quality of life of the Elderly.” LAN Zhou Academic Journal(CSSCI). January, 2008.

Chen, Wei. 2008. ”A Positive Research on the Quality of Life of Elderly Female in the City of Wuhan." Knowledge Economy. February, 2008.

Chen, Wei. 2005. ”A Positive Research on the Community Provided Installations for the Elderly People in the City of Wuhan." The Collection of the International Symposium ‘The Society and Management of China and Japan’. 29-44. February, 2005.


Books & Chapters

2012 (in process)

The Power Structure of Urban Community: Research from the Perspective of Social Spatial Theory. Beijing:China Social Science Press, 2012. 

12/2008 - Present

Chapter 4 (Socialization) and Chapter 5 (Social Role) for Introduction to Sociology edited by Lihua Jiang (in process).


Translations & Proofreading


Translation (Chapter's 8-10) and Proofreading Reasons for Success: Learning from Instruction Experiences in Rural Development, Guangzhou: Guangdong Renmin Publishing House, March. 2006