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Higher Education: Collateral Damage in the Budget Battle

Higher Education: Collateral Damage in the Budget Battle

Please join the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, the Office of the Provost and the Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola University as we delve into these issues.  This will take the place of our Friday Morning Seminar. 

  • Overall, state funding for Higher Education in FY2016 was cut by $1.318 billion or 67.9% from FY2015 levels.
  • Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grants help low income and frequently first generation students attend college. That help, however, is being cut significantly as appropriations for MAP Grants in 2016 were reduced by 53.5%from the previous year. As a result, over 160,000 eligible applicants were declined MAP Grants in FY2016.
  • Illinois colleges and Universities are struggling to remain competitive for top scholars:
  • Illinois students enroll in other states and take their tuition dollars with them. Illinois lost 16,461 students to other states in 2016.
  • Faculty will not come to Illinois or remain in Illinois when the financial situation is so uncertain. When they leave, they take their research dollars with them.
  • Colleges and Universities are often the largest employer in the area. When colleges and universities lay off staff, or cannot keep salaries competitive, local economies suffer.


  • Tom Cross, Chair, Illinois Board of Higher Education
  • Jauwan Hall, UIC Student Trustee
  • Ralph Martire, Executive Director, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
  • John Miller, President, University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100
  • Kyle Westbrook, Executive Director, Partners for College Completion

There is no charge for this event; however, registration is required. CLICK HERE.

Friday, January 27, 2017
8:30 am: Registration 9:00 am - 11:00 am: Program

Loyola University
Kasbeer Hall – 15th Floor, Corboy Law Center
25 East Pearson, Chicago, 60611