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Be a part of redefining science and math education in Chicago Public Schools—while earning financial support.

The LUC-Noyce Scholars program aims to prepare a diverse and talented group of science and math teachers in high-need classrooms, who can make a positive difference in the lives and education of high school students. Loyola students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education and teacher licensure can earn up to $30,000 for agreeing to help Chicago’s shortage of qualified math and science educators.

Scholarship Details


$20,000 tuition support, obligated two years of service


$15,000 for each year ($30,000 total), obligated four years of service

Service Obligation

In exchange for each year of financial support, LUC-Noyce Scholars are obligated to teach in a Chicago Public School high school of their choice, or in another eligible high-need high school in the United States. The program works with CPS to identify schools where students can offer the most impact and find the best preparation for their future careers. If the service obligation is not fully completed, the balance of financial support will be treated as a loan the student must repay.

Visit our Apply page to learn more about eligibility and application requirements.