All candidates earning an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) license are responsible for following the procedures indicated below.


ISBE Professional Educator License (PEL) Qualifying Requirements

ISBE Professional Educator Licensure Process

Checklist for Completing Illinois Professional Educator Licensure

Undergrad (PDF)
Graduate (PDF)

Application forms for all our Illinois State Licensure Programs and subsequent endorsements are located on the enrolled SOE Student Community Sakai site. 

For the requirements of our other licensure programs (School Counselor, School Psychologist, Principal Preparation, Superintendent Certificate, or School Social Worker), please visit the related area of study pages for current information. 

In accordance with disclosure laws, we provide links to access the licensure requirements by State for each of the licensure types listed below. State licensure requirements can change at any time. Visiting the State licensure website link will help ensure the most current information.

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Teacher Licensure

School Psychologist Licensure

School Counselor Licensure

School Social Work Licensure