Loyola University Chicago

School of Education


Social justice is a prominent theme in the research and service activities of award-winning faculty and students of the School of Education.  Faculty endeavor to engage in research which makes a difference in the lives of children and youth, families, communities, schools, and agencies in local and international contexts. A high number of the external funding proposals and awards involve projects that have as their core value, impacting the environment in which underserved and underrepresented youth live and learn in order to help them be successful learners. 

Faculty research focuses on a wide variety of topics, from promoting the educational experiences and well-being of children and youth of color, college readiness and college access, leadership, immigration, English language learners, career development, civic engagement, and educational policy. Much of research is conducted with the SOE's community partners.

As a result of the scholarship and research interests of SOE faculty, student candidates at all levels are enriched with opportunities to participate on faculty research teams in furthering the mission of social justice.  The majority of these opportunities are in the culturally and ethnically diverse schools and neighborhoods of the City of Chicago.