Loyola University Chicago

Financial Services

Kronos Timecard Approval

Timecard Deadlines

KRONOS timecards must be completed and approved by noon on Monday, after the end of the pay period. 

Manual Timecards with manager approval are due to Payroll Services by 2pm on Monday, after the end of the pay period. At this time manual timecards are only being accepted via email to payroll@luc.edu.

Please refer to the Pay & Holiday Calendar for the Bi-Weekly Pay Period dates.

Recording Time in Kronos while Working Off Campus

Exempt employees actively working remotely should continue to record their regular days worked in Kronos the same way they would if they were on campus.

Non-Exempt employees actively working remotely should continue to record their In and Out time each day in Kronos. Employees who are actively working remotely and take time off during the pay period should continue to record their exceptions hours (sick, vacation, personal/family friendly days) in Kronos.

Managers/Supervisors should NOT approve the use of the pay code Regular Pay, when staff are not able to work remotely


Kronos can be accessed online at https://kronos.luc.edu.

You do not need to be on campus or connected to Loyola’s network in order to access Kronos. Employees may access Kronos from their home computers.

In addition to accessing Kronos on their home computer, managers may also download the UKG Mobile app, which is available for download in the Apple Store or Google Play. Please visit the Payroll Services website for iPhone and Android mobile job aids. Unfortunately, Kronos is not available on mobile devices for non-managers.

The first time you use the app, you will need to enter the server name https://kronos.luc.edu/wfc and click the “Proceed” button. Please note that the username is case sensitive and will need to be entered in all lower case letters.

For additional resources, including FAQ’s and video tutorials, please visit the Payroll Services website. If you have any questions or experience any KRONOS problems, please feel free to contact the Payroll Services at payroll@luc.edu.