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Financial Services

W-2 and Taxes FAQs

Active employees now have the ability to access their W-2 electronically at any time through the Employee Self Service portal (must be using a computer connected to the Loyola network). 

Read about the benefits of receiving your W-2 electronically and find step-by-step instructions for how to sign-up by following the link here.

Unfortunately, at this time only active employees have the ability to access their W-2 electronically.  If you need to request a replacement copy of a W-2, please fill out a W-2 Request Form, which can be found here:

The completed and signed form should be mailed to kronoshelpdesk@luc.edu or faxed to (312) 915-8744.  Please allow 5-7 working days after sending for your request to be processed. 

  1. Log-in to Employee Self-Service

  2. Select "Employee Self Service"

  3. Click on "Pay"

  4. Choose "Payment Modeling". Both your current Federal and State exemptions should auto-populate in the Payment Modeling calculator. 

*Note that you must be connected to Loyola’s network, either on campus or via LSA, to access Employee Self Service.

To change your Federal exemptions, you will need to submit an updated Federal W-4 form to Human Resources.  

To change your State exemptions, you will need to submit that state’s equivalent of a W-4 form (if any) to Human Resources.  The IL-W-4 can be found here.