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Farrell Professor - Dr. Dana Garbarski

Dr. Dana Garbarski, Carolyn Farrell Endowed Assistant Professor

Update: 2020

Broadly speaking, Dr. Garbarski’s research involves the social causes and consequences of health outcomes and health disparities, focusing on both substantive and methodological issues. She focuses on survey research methods in particular, as survey research remains an influential methodology through which social, behavioral, and medical researchers learn about the health of populations.

During 2019 and the spring 2020 semester, Dr. Garbarski has continued this work in various capacities. To begin, Dr. Garbarski and her colleague were awarded a grant from the Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Program of the National Science Foundation this Fall to study whether and how survey measurement processes have differential impacts on survey responses across groups defined by race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. Dr. Garbarski and her colleague also received a grant from the Office of Research Services at Loyola to pilot a project called the Cook County Community Survey. Dr. Garbarski and her collaborators have also had six articles published in 2019, with four more forthcoming in 2020. Dr. Garbarski gave scholarly presentations at the annual meetings of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (May 2019), American Sociological Association (August 2019), and the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research in November 2019, where she transitioned from Conference Chair to 2020 Vice President/President-Elect. Dr. Garbarski’s CV is available is at https://luc.edu/sociology/faculty/danagarbarskiphd.shtml

Dr. Garbarski and the Gannon Center hosted a presentation by Dr. Jenna Drenten on “Writing for The Conversation” two times during the academic year: Tuesday October 1, 2019, and Monday February 10, 2020, in McCormick Lounge in Coffey Hall. Dr. Garbarski continues to coordinate with the Acting Assistant Provost for Academic Diversity Robyn Mallett to put on “Communities in Conversation for Women Faculty.” The most recent program was on “Gender Equality in Academia: Working Toward Solutions” and took place on Wednesday November 6, 2019.

Dr. Garbarski is also working on ideas for additional programming to be hosted by the Gannon Center in the fall that will provide the infrastructure to support faculty in their research and publications. Please let her know if you have any ideas you would like to discuss!