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Past Presidents of Mundelein College

Front: Mary Breslin, BVM, Susan Rink, BVM
Back: Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, Carolyn Farrell, BVM

Leadership of Mundelein College

1930: Sister Mary Justicia Coffey, BVM, is the first President of Mundelein College.

1936: Sister Mary Consuela, BVM, is installed as the second President of the college.

1939: Sister Mary Justicia Coffey begins her second term as the college’s third President.

1945: Upon retirement of Sister Mary Justicia, Sister Mary Josephine Malone BVM, becomes the fourth President of Mundelein College.

1951: Following Sister Mary Josephine as President is Sister Mary John Michael Dee, BVM.

1957: Sister Mary Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, becomes Mundelein’s sixth President.  She remains in this office until 1975, becoming the college’s longest-serving President.

1975: The college’s seventh President, Sister Susan Rink, BVM, is installed.

1983: Dr. John Richert, the only non-BVM President of Mundelein, begins his tenure.

1985: The first Mundelein alumna to head the college, Sister Mary Brenan Breslin, BVM, becomes President.

1991: Mundelein College affiliates with Loyola University Chicago. Sister Carolyn Farrell, BVM, oversees Mundelein during this transition.