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Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Message from the Director

Greetings from the Director of the Gannon Center: Gabrielle M. Buckley

Welcome to autumn at the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership! This will be another big year for women while we prepare to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution giving most U.S. women the right to vote. We are watching women legislating in Congress, and, of course, watching them on the campaign trail!

Over twenty-six years ago, the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership began as an idea among Loyola’s women leaders and the BVM sisters to extend Mundelein College’s legacy of academics and service after it affiliated with Loyola University Chicago in 1991. Named for Sister Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, the longest serving president of Mundelein and a pioneer in women’s education and leadership, the Gannon Center supports scholarships, cutting edge programs, research, and events that celebrate, encourage, support, and grow the leadership potential of women. The Gannon Center is one of Loyola's five Centers of Excellence and is proud to be included amongst the University's Research Centers. 

As many of you know, the Center includes our four-year Gannon Scholars Program, research Fellowships for Loyola faculty, the Carolyn Farrell Professorship, space and resources for visiting scholars, mentoring programs for undergraduate women students, and summer research grants for STEM students. The Gannon Center also includes the Women and Leadership Archives (WLA), which focuses on the records of women leaders, including those who were affiliated with Mundelein College.

Mundelein and Gannon Alumnae, don't forget to put December 7, 2019, on your calendar for our annual Mundelein College and Gannon Advent Vespers. Vespers will be held in Piper Hall, with a reception to follow in McCormick Lounge. Please click here to register. Don't forget to remind your fellow alums to come as well!

All thirty-seven (!) of our Gannon Scholars are hard at work with classes, research, volunteering, and helping one another.

This diverse array of Gannon Center scholarships, research, and programming is made possible by the loyalty of Mundelein, Loyola, and Gannon alumni and friends, whose generous gifts established and continue to add to the Center's endowment fund. We welcome your suggestions and questions, and look forward to your support as we strengthen and expand the Gannon Center’s capabilities and outreach. We prepare women to lead extraordinary lives!

Gabrielle M. Buckley

Director, Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

“Love is shown more in deeds than in words.” ― Ignatius of Loyola