Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Message from the Director

Greetings from the Director of the Gannon Center: Gabrielle M. Buckley 

Happy New Year! We were all hoping that 2021 would be a better year, but its beginning has received mixed reviews.  On the one hand, we have a vaccine to protect us from the Covid-19 virus and it is being administered all around the world. We also know what the next four years of government may bring us. However, the increase in Covid-19 infections and the terrorism of January 6th have shaken not only this country, but our allies abroad. 

Fortunately, we are welcoming some Gannon Scholars and other Loyola students back to the dorms this week! Classes begin on January 19, 2021 and will be held both virtually and in a hybrid format. Again, many labs are open, which is terrific news for researchers and students with lab-based classes. 

Loyola has begun its “rapid testing” program for students, faculty, and staff. All will require a negative Covid-19 test before coming onto campus, and students on campus must be tested two times a week. We have trained contract tracers to ensure that all who may have been exposed to the virus be advised to take precautions. Anyone on and off campus must be masked and maintain social distancing. Our labs have been set up to separate students to greatly reduce the risk of virus transmission. Additional antibacterial materials have been placed all around campus for everyone’s use. Our goal, of course, is to keep everyone safe and eradicate the virus so we can return to “normal” as soon as possible. We miss each other! 

This month we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. This holiday takes on added importance this year, as the Black Lives Matter movement has further illuminated the racial inequities in this country. The University has planned many events for students, faculty and staff to volunteer and serve others in commemoration of Dr. King. Much has been going on behind the scenes as we have adjusted to many changes. One terrific change is the opening of the new Institute for Racial Justice. Elimination of injustice is a mission priority for our University. This Institute will be the first of its kind at a Jesuit university, implementing a transdisciplinary center for research and education around racism and racial disparity in our society. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the cultural manifestations of racism and xenophobia that limit the fuller realization of humanity and liberation within the University, the city, the nation, and the world.

We look forward to this new semester with great hope and expectations for a wonderful 2021 for the Gannon Center, the Gannon Scholars, and all of you! 

Gabrielle M. Buckley 

Director, Gannon Center for Women and Leadership 

“Love is shown more in deeds than in words.” ― Ignatius of Loyola