Loyola University Chicago School of Law faculty members contribute to a deeper understanding of law, legal institutions, and systems of oppression through a commitment to transformation, intersectionality, and anti-subordination in everything we do.

Discover some recent and forthcoming research highlights here.


Stephen Rushin

Judge Hubert Louis Will Professor of Law

Stephen Rushin

“An Empirical Assessment of Pretextual Stops and Racial Profiling,” 73 Stanford Law Review 3, 2021 (with Edwards)

“State Attorneys General as Agents of Police Reform,” 69 Duke Law Journal 999, 2020 (with Mazzone)

“Police Disciplinary Appeals,” 167 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 545, 2019

“The Law Enforcement Lobby,” 106 Minnesota Law Review, forthcoming 2023 (with Robinson)

“Masculinity in Policing: The Need to Recruit More Women in American Police Departments,” 89 George Washington Law Review 6, 2021

“Police Arbitration,” 74 Vanderbilt Law Review 4, 2021

“Federal (De)Funding of Local Police,” 110 Georgetown Law Journal Online 54, 2021 (with Michalski)

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“Unions and Police Reform,” Cambridge Handbook on Policing in the United States, Cambridge University Press, 2021

“Police Funding,” 72 Florida Law Review 277, 2020 (with Michalski)

“The Effects of Voluntary and Presumptive Sentencing Guidelines,” 98 Texas Law Review 1, 2019 (with Edwards and Colquitt)

“Interrogating Police Officers,” 87 George Washington Law Review 3, 2019 (with DeProspo)

Nadia Sawicki

Georgia Reithal Professor of Law

Nadia N. Sawicki

“The Conscience Defense to Malpractice,” 108 California Law Review 4, 2020

“A Malpractice-Based Duty to Disclose the Risk of Stillbirth: A Response to Lens,” 106 Iowa Law Review Online 69, 2021

“Tort Law Implications of Compelled Physician Speech,” 97 Indiana Law Journal 3, 2022

“Ethical Malpractice,” 59 Houston Law Review 5, 2022

“Autonomy as Corporeal, Not Just Cognitive,” review of “Resuscitating Consent,” 63 Boston College Law Review 3, JOTWELL, 2022

“Unilateral Burdens and Third-Party Harms: Abortion Conscience Laws as Policy Outliers,” 96 Indiana Law Journal 4, 2021

“State Peer Review Laws as a Tool to Incentivize Reporting to Medical Boards,” 15 St. Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy 1, 2021

“Using Public Health Law to Minimize the Racially Disparate Impact of COVID-19,” review of “Allocating Medicine Fairly in an Unfair Pandemic,” 2021 University of Illinois Law Review 3, JOTWELL, 2021

“Everything in Moderation: Dual Role Consent and State Law Mandates,” 19 American Journal of Bioethics 4, 2019 (with Koch)

“Defining the Known Risk: Context-Sensitivity in Tort Law Defense,” 12 Journal of Tort Law 1, 2019

“Protections from Civil Liability in State Abortion Conscience Laws,” 322 JAMA 19, 2019

“The Dark Side of Childbirth: A Failure of Both Law and Medicine,” review of “Obstetric Violence,” 106 Georgetown Law Journal 721, JOTWELL, 2019

“New Dataset: Conscience Protections for Providers and Patients,” Bill of Health, Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School, 2019

James Thuo Gathii

Wing-Tat Lee Chair in International Law

James Thuo Gathii

“Writing Race and Identity in a Global Context: What CRT and TWAIL Can Learn From Each Other,” 67 UCLA Law Review 1610, 2021

“Studying Race in International Law Scholarship Using a Social Science Approach,” 22 Chicago Journal of International Law 1, 2021

“The Promise of International Law: A Third World View,” 36 American University International Law Review 3, 2021

“The West and the Unraveling of the Economic World Order: Thoughts from a Global South Perspective,” Is the International Legal Order Unraveling? (D. Sloss, ed.), 2021 (with Puig)

“Judicialization of Election Disputes in Africa’s International Courts,” 84 Law and Contemporary Problems 4, 2021 (with Akinkugbe)

“Reform and Retrenchment in International Investment Law,” webinar, African International Economic Law Network, 2021

“The Agenda of Third World Approaches to International Law,” International Legal Theory: Foundations and Frontiers (J. Dunoff and M. Pollack, eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2021

“Termination and Amendment of Treaties and Modernization and Reform of Investment Treaties: Which Way Forward?,” The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties in Investor-State Disputes: History, Evolution, and Future (E. Shirlow and K.N. Gore, eds.), 2021 (with Pathirana)

“Race, Racism and International Law: A Repudiation of US Exceptionalism,” International Law and Racial Justice Symposium, Wisconsin International Law Journal, 2021

“How International Is the International Court of Justice?,” Oxford Public International Law Series, 2021

The Performance of Africa’s International Courts: Using International Litigation for Political, Legal, and Social Change (J. T. Gathii, ed.), Oxford University Press, 2020

“Re-Characterizing Corruption to Incorporate Illicit Financial Flows,” American Journal of International Law Unbound 336, 2019

“Beyond Samuel Moyn’s Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty as a Model for Global Judicial Review,” 52 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 5, 2019

“Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area,” 58 International Legal Materials 5, 2019

“Implementing a New Constitution in a Competitive Authoritarian Context: The Case of Kenya,” From Parchment to Practice: Implementing New Constitutions (T. Ginsburg and A. Huq, eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2019

Alexander Tsesis

Raymond and Mary Simon Chair in Constitutional Law

Alexander Tsesis

“Marketplace of Ideas, Privacy, and the Digital Audience,” 94 Notre Dame Law Review 4, 2019

“The Deregulatory Free Speech Clause?,” 152 Daedalus, forthcoming 2024

“Exacting, Strict, and Most Exacting Scrutiny in Free Speech Jurisprudence,” 98 Indiana Law Journal, forthcoming 2023

“Justice Breyer’s Balanced Reasoning on Free Speech: A Comparative Analysis,” 21 First Amendment Law Review, forthcoming 2023

“Visionary Reliance on the Declaration of Independence,” Cambridge Companion to the Declaration of Independence (M. Graber and M. Zuckert, eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023

“Democratic Values and the Regulation of Hate Speech,” Minorities, Free Speech, and the Internet (A. Tsesis, et al., eds.), Routledge, forthcoming 2023

“Compelled Speech and Proportionality,” 97 Indiana Law Journal 3, 2022

“Incitement to Insurrection and the First Amendment,” 57 Wake Forest Law Review, forthcoming 2022

“Establishment of Religion and Government Speech,” University of Illinois Law Review, forthcoming 2022

“Enforcement of the Reconstruction Amendments,” 78 Washington and Lee Law Review 2, 2021

Free Speech in the Balance, Cambridge University Press, 2020

“Genocide Censorship vs. Genocide Denial Laws,” Responsibility for Negation of International Crimes (P. Grzebyk, ed.), Institute of Justice Warsaw, 2020

“Birth & Reconstruction of Equality in the United States,” 64 Revista da Faculdade de Direito UFPR 3, 2020

“Confederate Monuments as Badges of Slavery,” 108 Kentucky Law Journal 4, 2020

“Data Subjects’ Privacy Rights: Regulation of Personal Data Retention and Erasure,” 90 University of Colorado Law Review 2, 2019

“Remembering Charlottesville 2017 and Engaging Black-Jewish Alliances,” 105 Virginia Law Review Online 149, 2019

“Deliberative Democracy, Truth, and Holmesian Social Darwinism,” 72 SMU Law Review 3, 2019

Charlotte Tschider

Assistant Professor

Charlotte Tschider

“Legal Opacity: Artificial Intelligence’s Sticky Wicket,” 106 Iowa Law Review Online 126, 2021

“The Consent Myth: Improving Choice for Patients of the Future,” 96 Washington University Law Review 6, 2019

“Locking Down ‘Reasonable’ Cybersecurity Duty,” Yale Law & Policy Review, forthcoming 2023

“Prescribing Exploitation,” Maryland Law Review, forthcoming 2023

“The Dangers of Expansive Public Health Surveillance,” review of Pandemic Surveillance by Lyon, Lawfare, forthcoming 2022

International Cybersecurity and Privacy Law in Practice, 2nd Edition, Wolters Kluwer, 2022

“Addressing Algorithmic Unfairness in Healthcare,” ELSIhub Collections, 2022

“AI’s Legitimate Interest: Towards a Public Benefit Privacy Model,” 21 Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy 1, 2021

“Meaningful Choice: A History of Consent and Alternatives to the Consent Myth,” 22 North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology 4, 2021

“Beyond the Black Box,” 98 Denver Law Review 3, 2021

“Medical Device Artificial Intelligence: The New Tort Frontier,” 46 BYU Law Review 6, 2021

“We Need to Do More with Hospitals’ Data, But There Are Better Ways,” Bill of Health, Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School, 2021 (with Netter Epstein)

“Privacy Issues with Healthcare Technology,” Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology Symposium, Belmont Health Law Journal, 2021

“Data Discrimination: The International Regulatory Impasse of AI-Enabled Devices,” Legal, Social, and Ethical Perspectives on Health & Technology (M. Fathisalout-Bollon and A.B. Suman, eds.), Presses Universitaires Savoie Mont Blanc, 2020 (with Kennedy)

Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem, West, 2020 (with Bambauer, Hurwitz, and Thaw)

“The Healthcare Privacy-Artificial Intelligence Impasse,” 36 Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal 4, 2020

“Medical Imaging and Privacy in the Modern Era of Artificial Intelligence: Myth, Fallacy, and the Future,” 17 Journal of the American College of Radiology 9, 2020 (with Lotan, Sodickson, Caplan, Bruno, Zhang, and Lui)

“Legal Issues in Cybernetics and Biorobotics,” The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines (T. Claypoole, ed.), American Bar Association, 2019 (with Kennedy)

“International Privacy Law and Artificial Intelligence,” The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines (T. Claypoole, ed.), American Bar Association, 2019

“The Politics of Algorithms: Ethical Algorithmic Data Collection in Medical and Educational Contexts,” Selected Papers of Internet Research, Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, 2019 (with Canzonetta, Kennedy, and Wilson)

“A Hippocratic Oath for Big Data,” The Hill, 2019 (with Nash)

Blanche Bong Cook

Curt and Linda Rodin Associate Professor of Law and Social Justice

Blanche Bong Cook

“Something Rots in Law Enforcement and It’s the Search Warrant: The Breonna Taylor Case,” 102 Boston University Law Review 1, 2022

“Love Crafts Countries: Loving beyond the White Divide—A Story of Blackness, Korea, and Transformative Power on the Damascus Road,” Religion, Race, and COVID-19: Confronting White Supremacy in the Pandemic (S.M. Floyd-Thomas, ed.), NYU Press, 2022

“Flesh Markets: Sex Trafficking, Opioids, and the Legal Process to Eradicate the Demand,” 109 Kentucky Law Journal 4, 2021

“Johnny Appleseed: Citizenship Transmission Laws and a White Heteropatriarchal Property Right in Philandering, Sexual Exploitation, and Rape (the ‘WHP’) or Johnny and the WHP,” 31 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 1, 2019

Samuel D. Brunson

Georgia Reithal Professor of Law

Samuel D. Brunson

“Paying for Gun Violence,” 104 Minnesota Law Review 2, 2019

“God Is My Roommate? Tax Exemptions for Parsonages Yesterday, Today, and (if Constitutional) Tomorrow,” 96 Indiana Law Journal 2, 2021

“Afterlife of the Death Tax,” 94 Indiana Law Journal 2, 2019

“Bargain Basement Progressivity? Constitutional Flat Taxes, Demogrants, and Progressive Income Taxation,” 53 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 4, 2022

“An Employee Home Office Expense Deduction for the New Normal,” 171 Tax Notes Federal 1, 2021 (with Johnson)

“Revoke Its Exemption: Pushing for Change in the Mormon Church,” 47 Journal of Mormon History 4, 2021

“Addressing Hate: Georgia, the IRS, and the Ku Klux Klan,” 41 Virginia Tax Review 1, 2021

“‘I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a [Tax Deduction] Today’: Donor-Advised Funds and the Deferral of Charity,” 55 Wake Forest Law Review 245, 2020

“The University, Ideology, and Tax Exemption,” 168 Tax Notes Federal 1037, 2020 (with Aprill)

“To Omit Paying Tithing: Brigham Young and the First Federal Income Tax,” Business and Religion: The Intersection of Faith and Finance (M.C. Godfrey and M. Hubbard MacKay, eds.), RSC/BYU/Deseret Books, 2019

“Mormon Profit: Brigham Young, Tithing, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue,” 2019 BYU Law Review 1, 2019

Barry Sullivan

Cooney & Conway Chair in Advocacy and George Anastaplo Professor of Constitutional Law and History

Barry Sullivan

“Supreme Court Journalism: From Law to Spectacle?,” 77 Washington and Lee Law Review 1, 2020 (with Tilley)

“The Supreme Court and the People: Communicating Decisions to the Public,” 24 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 1, 2022 (with Feldbrin)

Review of Detention of Terrorism Suspects: Political Discourse and Fragmented Practices, 26 Canadian Criminal Law Review 117, 2021

“Reforming the Office of Legal Counsel,” 35 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy 2, 2021

“The Science of Administrative Change,” 52 Connecticut Law Review 1, 2020 (with Chabot)

“Democratic Conditions,” 51 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 2, 2020

“COVID-19 and American Democracy,” 66 Il diritto dell’economia 102, 2020