Loyola University Chicago

Office of Online Learning

Mission, Vision, and Goals


The Office of Online Learning exists to expand learning opportunities beyond physical campus spaces in order to provide learners with high-quality, accessible, flexible, and active online learning experiences that embody our dedication to the expansion of knowledge in the service of humanity. 


The Office of Online Learning strives to position Loyola University Chicago as a leading institution of higher education in the delivery of high-quality online degree programs that serve the evolving needs of diverse student learners. 

Operational Description

In order to fulfill our mission, the Office of Online Learning: 

  • assists academic units in identifying, designing, developing, and implementing innovative and engaging online academic programs;
  • ensures quality and rigor in online academic programs by adhering to Quality Matters (QM) higher education standards for online course design; 
  • prepares faculty for the successful design and facilitation of online courses and programs through a professional development program supported by best practices in online education; 
  • supports the development of a student-centered online curriculum by providing instructional resources and tools that help faculty design engaging courses; 
  • Promotes and encourages the use of applications and systems that support the delivery of a compelling, interactive, and dynamic curriculum; 
  • encourages and coordinates faculty learning communities to promote the sharing of online best practices and effective technology-enabled teaching approaches and strategies; and 
  • develops and maintains strategic alliances and partnerships with other educational institutions and community organizations. 


  1. Ensure Loyola’s mission is reflected and integrated into our online programs and courses in order to demonstrate our commitment to the expansion of knowledge in the service of humanity. 
  2. Increase the number and variety of online programs and course offerings to address the needs and demands of the global community. 
  3. Improve learner engagement in online courses through the use of innovative learning activities, assessment methods, and dynamic learning technologies. 
  4. Assist faculty developing online courses with the creation of accessible instructional content and experiences. 
  5. Develop an engaged, diverse online faculty by offering detailed professional development opportunities focused on online course design, facilitation, and accessibility. 
  6. Coordinate the development and enhancement of support services for online students across campus units. 
  7. Secure strategic, collaborative alliances with other higher education institutions and community partners to promote open, diverse, and empowering online offerings. 
  8. Align marketing efforts with online degree program enrollment demands and growth opportunities to achieve enrollment goals.