Loyola University Chicago

Office of Online Learning


The Office of Online Learning (OOL) provides a broad range of support services to assist both instructors and academic programs in creating high-quality and accessible online courses. For instructors, OOL offers one-on-one course development consultations as well as faculty development programming to bolster confidence and skill in delivering courses in online environments. For academic programs, OOL can assist with ensuring quality and consistency across courses as well as with accreditation processes and state and international authorizations.  

Instructional Design Services

OOL provides robust support to both instructors and programs in the design, building, and facilitation of high-quality online courses that meet the standards of programs and accrediting organizations. From assistance with planning online-friendly assignments to helping build courses in Sakai, our Instructional Designers can assist instructors and programs in realizing their ideal online classes. Visit our Instructional Design page for more information or request services.  

Quality Assurance Services

Assuring that online courses are meeting consistent quality standards is a necessity for program accreditation or certification, and it’s also crucial to the success and satisfaction of students participating in online environments. OOL can assist both individual faculty members and programs with the process of assuring the quality of their online courses through the Quality Matters (QM) program, which provides nationally-recognized standards for online course design. To learn more about quality assurance, visit our Quality Assurance Services page or contact us at online@luc.edu

Professional Development Services

OOL provides a number of professional development opportunities for instructors and programs wanting to learn more about how to successfully teach online. The Online Teaching Course (OTC) is a series of four-week classes established to prepare faculty for designing and facilitating online courses at Loyola; the OTC is offered every fall, spring, and summer. In addition to the OTC, OOL coordinates custom workshops for departments or programs wanting to learn more about online teaching in general or specific aspects of offering courses online. Visit our Professional Development page or the Online Teaching Course page to learn more, or request services.

Academic Integrity Services

Promoting academic integrity in online environments is a concern for instructors and programs. OOL can provide academic integrity resources or consult on how to build measures into their online courses, from technological to design solutions. Visit our Academic Integrity page to learn more or request services.

State and International Authorization

For online programs offered to students outside of Illinois or the U.S., specific authorizations may be required. OOL can help guide programs through the process of obtaining and renewing these authorizations. Visit our Authorizations page to learn more or request services