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Office of Online Learning

Professional Development

While the transition to teaching online is rewarding, it’s not always an easy process, even for those who have taught face-to-face for many years. The Office of Online Learning can assist instructors with developing the skills, confidence, and expertise needed to deliver a truly great online course.  

The Online Teaching Course

The best way to become better equipped to teach online is by taking the Online Teaching (OTC) course offered by OOL. This course is comprised of two four-week classes:  

  • OTC: Design – In OTC: Design, instructors will learn how to design a course tailored to the online environment. Whether creating a course from scratch or transitioning an existing class to the online environment, instructors will learn how to plan a course, its materials, and its activities to ensure success online.  
  • OTC: Facilitate – in OTC: Facilitate, instructors will learn what it’s like to deliver a course in the online environment. From planning your interaction with students to choosing which tools to use for assignments and activities, OTC: Facilitate is designed to prepare you to confidently launch your course and work with students online.   

Instructors may take either course as they suit their needs or as required by departments and programs. While it is recommended instructors take OTC: Design first, it is not a pre-requisite of the OTC: Facilitate course. To learn more and to register, visit our OTC page. 

Custom Workshops and Information Sessions

For programs interested in offering courses online, OOL can provide custom workshops for groups of faculty. Whether a program is simply interested in exploring the possibilities of online learning or would like their faculty to know more about a specific aspect of the online course experience, OOL can create unique workshops for delivery on any campus. Use our request services form to discuss workshop opportunities.

Support from Instructional Technology and Research Support 

ITRS provides a number of support services and professional development opportunities for learning more about the technology that drives online learning at Loyola, including a six-week Instructional Technologies Course. Learn more about the Instructional Technologies Course or visit the ITRS support page to learn about all of their services. 

Workshops from the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

The Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy (FCIP) offers several opportunities for faculty to learn more about teaching strategies in general. Visit the FCIP faculty development page to learn more.