Loyola University Chicago

Office of Online Learning

Instructional Design

For instructors and programs developing new online courses or converting existing face-to-face courses to an online mode of delivery, Instructional Designers in the Office of Online Learning can provide custom support for the design, construction, and delivery of those courses. With backgrounds in design processes and educational best practices, our Instructional Designers help individuals and academic units create engaging online courses that maximize student success 

OOL can offer assistance during the entire course design processfrom conception to delivery. In addition to our full instructional design process, OOL Instructional Designers can provide consultation on specific parts of course design, such as: 

  • Understanding how course level, topic, and audience affect the online experience 
  • Creating a structure and schedule that works for online delivery 
  • Optimizing assignments and activities for the online environment 
  • Transitioning course content and activities from face-to-face to online 
  • Choosing and creating accessible courses materials 
  • Building and organizing course shells in Sakai to ensure a satisfying student experience 
  • Communicating and engaging with students online 

Please note that our instructional designers work in a strictly consultative role; instructors retain full control of the course they develop. 

For programs, OOL can provide guidance to directors and administrators about program development, design, and delivery strategies. With increasing competition in the online space, ensuring a predictable and user-friendly experience in courses is essential to student retention and satisfaction, which can increase overall program reputation. Instructional designers in OOL can help programs with the following: 

  • Reviewing courses for consistency and quality  
  • Building orientations and/or support materials for students  
  • Developing course templates that can be imported into all courses within a program 
  • Customizing the look of courses or program templates in Sakai 
  • Providing program-specific faculty development opportunities 

To request any of these services, please send us an email: online@luc.edu