Loyola University Chicago

Polish Studies

Agnieszka Oskiera


Part-time Instructor

Polish Language



Email: aoskiera@luc.edu


Office:  Crown Center 206C

Phone:  773-508-7368


Research Interests:

  • Polish language and culture
  • Bilingualism
  • Media language
  • Persuasion and Manipulation

Courses Taught:

  • POLS 101 Beginner Polish
  • POLS 102 Elementary Polish
  • POLS 103 Intermediate Polish
  • POLS 104 Intermediate Polish
  • POLS 250 Advanced Polish Composition & Conversation 
  • POLS 251 Advanced Polish Composition and Conversation

Service Outside Loyola:

  • Principal of the Casimir Pulaski Polish Language and Culture School, 2022-Present
  • University of Pittsburgh, Summer Language Institute, Instructor of Polish Language & Culture, Pitssburgh, PA, 2022-present

Books Published:

  • Polish Seal of Biliteracy & Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Languge- Bulletin, Polish Teachers Association in America, Chicago, 2019
  • Conversational Strategies in Broadcasting Dialouge, Poland, 2006

Books Edited:

  • Antinomy of values. Axiological issues in linguistics, 2007
  • Language – Literature – Didactics, 2003


  • Stereotypes of Arab, Political and Social Issues of Islamic World, Poland, 2012.
  • How to Address Diplomats and International Representatives, To Create – To Know – To Communicate, Poland, 2011.
  • The role of radio broadcast journalist, Białostockie Archiwum Językowe, Poland, 2010.
  • The Fundraising Letter as a new method of communication, The media language on XX and XXI Century, Poland, 2009.
  • Axiological operators on the conversational strategies, Antinomy of values. Axiological
    issues in linguistics, Poland, 2007.
  • Debate vs. discussion on the radio dialogue, Polish Language LXXXVII, Poland, 2007.
  • Argumentation as a parameter of conversational strategies, Beiträge der Europäischen Slavistischen Linguistik (POLYSLAV), Band 9, München, Germany, 2006.
  • The radio microstructure of conversational strategies, Polish Language – The Modern and the Past Time, Poland, 2006.
  • Polyfunctional operators of conversational strategies, The Slavic Language and Culture
    IV, Linguistics, Poland, 2003.
  • Initiation, reaction and coda on the radio dialogue, Linguistics Bulletin of University of Humanities and Economics, Poland, 2003.


  • Ph.D. University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland, 2005
  • M.A. University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland, 1999