Loyola University Chicago

Office of Registration and Records


Address Change Information

It is important to keep your address current to prevent the disruption of billing or other correspondence and services. Current students: Please update your permanent and local addresses, and phone numbers using LOCUSFormer students and alumni: If you do not have access to LOCUS, please use the Change of Address  form (PDF).

Course Schedules

The Office of Registration and Records issues online Course Schedules annually for the Fall and Spring semesters and for Summer Sessions. The Course Schedules provides registration information and the course offerings available on each campus. To review current schedules, click here.

Grade Reports

Student grade reports are available for viewing or printing using LOCUS. Final grades are available on LOCUSthe day after the instructor submits them. Please contact the Office of Registration and Records if there appears to be an inaccuracy in your grade report. Disputed or missing grades, however, must first be taken up with the class instructor.

Incomplete Grade Form

For Undergraduate Courses Incomplete is a temporary grade. To request an incomplete, students must complete this form  and present it to their instructor. Approval of this request is at the discretion of the instructor. If approved, students will receive a temporary grade of "I" for the course. Students must complete all coursework within six weeks of the beginning of the next term. An incomplete granted during the Spring and Summer terms must be completed within six weeks of the beginning of the Fall term. Failure to complete required coursework within the allotted time will result in the grade "F".

Release of Information

Students must notify the Office of Registration and Records in writing if they do not want basic information about themselves to be verified when it is requested (typically by colleges or employers). This information may include dates of attendance, enrollment status (full-time and half-time), degree(s) earned and date(s) conferred, and major field of study.

Student's Right to Know

All permanent student academic records of Loyola University Chicago (except for the Dental School prior to 1956 and the Medical School) are the responsibility of the Office of Registration and Records. Each student record contains cumulative class and grade history, including majors, minors and degrees conferred. Students may inspect electronic displays of their records in the Office of Registration and Records on either the Water Tower or Lake Shore Campus, upon submission of identification, except during grade processing periods. Non-electronic records (prior to 1983) can be inspected only at the Water Tower Campus office.

Student Schedules - How to Obtain

Students may obtain a current copy of their class schedule using LOCUS. Students should review their schedule carefully and report any incomplete or inaccurate information to the Office of Registration and Records.