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Joyce Kilmer Elementary School

Loyola University School Partners at Kilmer

LUC has partnerned with Kilmer since 2017 and provides a full-time Community Schools resource coordinator to manage programs in the school. 

Kilmer Elementary School hosts a wide range of community schools programs for children and families. After-school programs for students offer activities for a range of interests, including web development club, science club, and Spanish club. Academic support programs provide students with additional instruction in reading and math. For parents, Kilmer hosts a weekly sign language class and provides a wide range of family support.

About Kilmer

Mission: It is the Mission of Joyce Kilmer Elementary School to produce confident, reflective and proactive students who are capable of being advanced critical thinkers, expressive writers, and avid readers who value their voice in a diverse community. 




Resource Coordinator: Iesha Taylor-Ross


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